Previous Speaking Engagements


8th - 10th June 2016

University Forum for Human Resource Development



Thursday 12th February 2015

The Skills Summit




Thursday 12th March 2015

Executive Grapevine Annual Conference - HR Can Change the World



Thursday 13th March 2014

Executive Grapevine Annual Conference - HR Strikes Back



Friday 15th November 2013

The Skills Show

NEC Birmingham


Tuesday 30th April 2013

CIPD Ireland

#cipdYouthSpeak: What @OurYoungPeople are saying about the future – and why #HR needs to listen





“McDonald’s economic footprint in Europe” London Economics (2011) #cipdYouthSpeak



“Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is changing your world” Don Tapscott (2009) #cipdYouthSpeak



“The Social Psychology of Work” Michael Argyle (1983) #cipdYouthSpeak



“Work systems, Quality of Working Life and Attitudes of Workers” Bram Steijn (2001) #cipdYouthSpeak



“Effect of service orientation on job satisfaction, commitment and intention of leaving.” Kim, Leong and Lee (2005) #cipdYouthSpeak



“Share of full-time learners in employment by age” ONS Labour Market Statistics, Table A06 #cipdYouthSpeak



“The youth employment challenge” UKCES (2012) #cipdYouthSpeak



“Fair Access to Professional Careers: A progress report” Alan Milburn (2012) #cipdYouthSpeak



“Employer Perspectives Survey” UKCES (2010) #cipdYouthSpeak



“Job creation and destruction in the UK 1998 to 2010” Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (2011) #cipdYouthSpeak



“Generation Y and Learning” Schofield and Honoré (2009) #cipdYouthSpeak



“Locus of Engagement: Understanding what employees connect with at work” CIPD (2011) #cipdYouthSpeak